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Long Time-No Post

Yep, I’m still using this blog. I still haven’t completed my new one. What have I been doing these last few months? Um…I got engaged! Woot! I accepted a full-time position in the lab (for now). I think that actually is it. I’ve been riding more and helping Mom nurse Ozzy and his E. Coli infection, which has officially cleared. Um. Um. I lead a relatively boring life.

School is back in session on campus and I will admit, on occasion I miss History classes but for the most part, I don’t miss school at all. My student loans are going in to repayment one-by-one which is really terrifying. I constantly worry about how I will pay for them and keep up my horsey lifestyle.  Yuck to being a grown-up.

I won’t be getting Congress this year, unfortunately. Ozzy’s vet bills just ate up any of the money that Mom and I would have spent going. Oh well, I’ve been watching some of it online.

Now, the real reason I posted is because I switched my banner to the “Halloween Edition.” What can I say?

I am still working on my new site including a bunch of merchandise to be sold…if I’d only take some damn pictures of it all! There will be a bit of a variety for horsey-folks that want more than just the run-of-the-mill products. Right now all have pictures of are the cosmetic bags I’m making. You can check out a couple of the bags I’ve sold and a few that are still available by clicking on the photo below which links to my Facebook page. I have quite a few more already made just no pictures yet! So if you see something you like or have an idea, let me know 🙂


VIDEO! 2011 AQHA Congress Freesytle Reining Winner, Stacy Westfall

If you haven’t heard, Stacy Westfall won this year’s Freestyle Reining at AQHA Congress. Here is the Equine Chronicle article about her win, plus the first, and only, video I was able to find of the performance!

photo from Equine Chronicle

Watch AQHA Congress: Live Webcast!

Here it is! The link to the webcast for  QH Congress!

2011 Quarter Horse Congress!

Tomorrow kicks off the 2011 Quarter Horse Congress, in Columbus Ohio. It’s the world’s largest breed show and one of my favorite events of the year! (of course I don’t have any AQHA’s, I prefer my horses with more color!) Anyway, the show runs from the 7th to the 30th and a complete schedule of classes and events can be found here. It’s a great place to shop! BUT don’t forget to do your homework and come with a list so you don’t end up overspending! Great deals can be found but so can some ridiculous mark-ups! Here’s a list of vendors who will be present. I like to look though it and decide which shops I want to visit most, and I also check out their websites to get an idea of prices and deals!

Anybody going to show? If so, what classes?

What are your tips for getting bargains at Congress?

Favorite classes to watch?

Are you going this year?