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A Winter Outfit: II!

In case you don’t want to wear breeches and tall boots! Here’s another idea for riding in the cold weather (this time I included my coat).

  • Forever 21 Rainbow striped Beanie: $14.80
  • Forever 21 Infinity Knit Scarf and gloves: $12.80 + $2.50
  • Mossimo Scoop Neck Sweater: $12.80
  • Berne Insulated Flannel-Lined Jeans: $29.99
  • Old Navy Frost Free Winter Coat: $25.00
  • Tuff Rider Thermal Socks: $9.95
  • Mountain Horse Cozy Rider Winter Boots: $115.95



A Winter Outfit!

I didn’t spend too much time worrying about price but here’s a quick look at what I’d like to be wearing this winter to stay warm and not overly layered! (I didn’t include a heavy coat because I love the one I bought last year).

  • Mossimo Long Sleeve Top : $14.99
  • Avalanche Grizzly Fleece Hoodie: $39.99
  • Tuffrider Unifleece Winter Pull-On Breech: $44.95
  • Tuffrider Thermal Sock: $9.95
  • Middleburg Fleece Lined Tall Winter Boot: $139.90
  • Forever 21 Open Knit Neck Warmer: $12.80
  • Forever 21 Hat and Gloves: $8.80 + $2.50

If you like the look, shop around and see what you can find at better prices! I know there are lots of good deals out there!