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Sunday Steal: TuffRider Cotton Sheet

So, if your horse needs a blanket liner or maybe just a little extra warmth on the chilly fall days, try this cotton sheet! Listed on and Amazon (It’s sold though HorseloverzĀ on Amazon)…the Amazon choice is actually a couple of dollars cheaper, even though you’re technically buying from the same store. The TuffRider Stretch Cotton Horse Sheet is only $15.00! But, sadly, that is before shipping. Add another $7.50 for that. Ultimately though, you will still be getting the best price for a cotton sheet!


Sunday Steal: a Day Late

Yesterday, I forgot to pay attention to time and had to rush from the barn to home, to Todd’s, to the bar. In that time, I forgot to post! So here is yesterday’s Sunday Steal: a Hawthorne New Market Woolen Dress Sheet. This sheet is normally around $175.00 but since has partnered with a tack store liquidation, you can get it for $49.95. There are limited sizes but if your horse fall into one of the those sizes, it’s a great deal! I love the look of these sheets and they would be perfect for the cool fall weather!

Sunday Steal: Circle Y Show Saddle

Circle Y saddles can run over $2500.00 brand new. The more silver and tooling, the more expensive it gets. With the number of used show saddles available that still look great and are nice and broken in, why spend that much? I just found this saddle for under $1500.00 (shipping included). That’s a really decent price for the quality, style, and amount of silver! It’s in great shape too!

Sunday Steals: Plus Size Two Creeks Show Jacket

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

Starting today…I will be posting at least one post every Sunday on a money saving product/listing. I do this a lot through the weeks but I’d like to focus Sundays on specific deals! So here’s the first one, Two Creeks 1X show Jacket. The starting bid is $100.00. I love the cut, pattern, and colors. I bid on a jacket last week similar to this one, in my size. It ended up being just out of my price range šŸ˜¦ I’m sure I’ll have another chance!