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Lucky Horse Tshirt by WhateverFits on Etsy

Lucky Horse Tshirt by WhateverFits on Etsy.
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Looking for Christmas gifts for your horsey friends? This t-shirt is super cute and has great reviews. Good for St. Patty’s Day, show days, and of course every day. I’m always looking for horse-themed anything that’s cute doesn’t get too over-the-top. This shirt is priced at $19.95


Look for Less: Scarves

I don’t usually wear a scarf when I ride, but you know, sometimes it’s cold out and some extra warmth would be nice. Not long ago, I was looking for winter riding clothes and found a really nice scarf made by Goode Rider. It’s a nice, wool blend scarf with ruffles but it runs for about $70.00. Wow. Who has that kind of money to spend on a scarf? I found a similar style at Forever 21 for just $10.80. It’s not wool but it should add warmth and style (if that’s what you’re after). It also comes in three color choices. Since I don’t know many people who ride in scarves, this is more of style idea, but if that’s what you’re going for in the barn or winter horse events, then here’s some savings for you!

Keeping Horses Cool: Can I Teach Mine to do This?

My friend Megan, sent this to me. I love it! I wonder if any of my horses would do it…If they did, I think I would probably have to join them! What a great way to stay cool.

About My Favorite Show Pants…Again

So, I’ve written a couple of posts about Mesquite show pants already, but I’m pretty sure, I’ve never given some resources on where to find these pants! Well, sometimes they are tricky to find, but here is a list of places you can order them online!

First Look!

Here’s the first glance at the Horse Show Survival Kit…this is the what I intend it to be however; to keep costs below $100 around 10 items might need to be dropped. If you click on the image it will take you to a larger view. How’s it looking? I’ve been searching for the best prices as well as products I myself use and love!

Sign Up For EHV-1 Alerts

Though no cases have been reported in Indiana, keeping track of a such a contagious outbreak is important. In the left column of my blog you find two links, one to an article featuring show cancellations and the other to a Outbreak-Alert.Com. On the outbreak site you can sign up for alerts whenever an outbreak occurs in your area. You can also view a map of the entire country labeled with outbreak info. The site and alert system encompasses many different types of disease and viruses.

Looking for Shows in Your Area?

With high costs of travel and worry over EHV-1, many people are choosing to show locally. Whether it’s breed shows or open, you can still show every weekend close to home. Finding local shows of all sizes and types is easy with the help of sites like and a number of local or regional publications! is easy to use too! Just click on the state you want to show in and it will bring up a list of shows taking place!