On the Trail & OCAP

PtHA offers a couple great alternatives for those who can’t afford a show season full of breed shows with two different programs. One you don’t even have to leave the barn to earn points and awards!

Pinto lists enrollment form for their programs under Forms & Resources! (just in case you get lost looking for how to enroll!

On the Trail

This program allows you to log hours spent in the saddle and rewards every time you hit a new level! It’ll get out to the barn, out on the trails, and in the saddle! I plan on enrolling in this program to keep me motivated even though I can’t afford to make it to many shows this  year!

$35.00 One-Time enrollment fee for PtHA Members


The Open Competition Activities Program allows you and your horse to earn points with Pinto while showing at Open shows! The points don’t fall into the same category as points earned at a Pinto show but they are kept track of and can earn you some cool awards and even some national nods!

$35.00 enrollment fee

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