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Horsey Advent Calendar: Christmas Season Begins

I am thankful I am not out shopping. Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience. It is the first time parts of  my family have gotten to meet my boyfriend’s family. It was really nice to not be the one to have to travel to get the family time.  Tomorrow, Mom, Sara, and I will be heading to Kentucky to visit Claiborne Farm and the Kentucky Horse Park. It should be fun! Sunday, Milo will be moving t0 the barn Tango and Ozzy are at, to be a full-time indoor horse again.

The Christmas season is beginning now that Thanksgiving is over (I can’t believe is over already). When I was little, we always had an advent calendar. It’s a tradition I really loved; opening the little doors and getting a piece of chocolate. This year I’ve found one that I really love, a horsey one! Schneiders offers a very sweet horse themed advent calendar, complete with barn kitties and dogs. The chocolate behind each door is horse themed. The price for the lovely calendar is $23.95.