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College Football: Horse Mascots

Well, football season is here. That means I will be ‘studying’ in front of the TV most weekends. This morning I avoided writing a much dreaded paper for my Women & Gender in Latin America class by looking up all the horse mascots found in NCAA Football. Here are the horsey mascots! By the way, if you click on the photo it will take you to more info about the mascot. Some of them have really great traditions behind them. Enjoy!

Virginia's Cavalier

OU's Boomer & Sooner

OSU's Spirit Rider and Bullet

Texas Tech's Red Raider

Rutger's Scarlet Knight

Southern Methodist's Peruna

UCF's Knight

Army's Mules

Western Michigan's Buster Bronco

Boise State's Buster Bronco

Wyoming's Cowboy Joe

USC's Traveler

Middle Tennessee's Lightning

Cal Poly's Musty

UC Davis' Gunrock

Murray State's Racer One