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A New Year…Another Attempt to Fit into My Show Clothes

Instead of getting in shape last year, I bought chap inserts. I still don’t fit into any of my show clothes. Yuck. So, this year (again) I’d like to lose around 15 lbs. This year though, I’m going to find ways to incorporate my horses into it more. How? um…posting a lot without stirrups? running laps in the sandy arena? only eating carrots and applesauce?

So far, I’ve given myself some help by purchasing two books, The Total Rider and The Rider’s Fitness Program. I was able to purchase both books for around $20.00 together, though I had to order them because it’s really hard to find horse books in stores!

Both books feature a wide variety of exercises that are specifically helpful to horseman. The Total Rider also tackles rider diet too. My plan is to combine these exercises, cardio (probably  running, yuck), and riding a lot! I will also be trying to eat a lot better! I think the most difficult task will be finding the time during this semester, which is my last and most likely my most intense semester yet.

There are so many different diets and exercise plans out there it gets overwhelming, that’s why it was important for me to find one targeting horseman. I need a focus, something  I didn’t really have last year. Maybe, if I’m brave enough, I’ll share details and progress as I go!

I may also purchase a Pilates for horseman book at some point too, but for now, just the two!


College Football: Horse Mascots

Well, football season is here. That means I will be ‘studying’ in front of the TV most weekends. This morning I avoided writing a much dreaded paper for my Women & Gender in Latin America class by looking up all the horse mascots found in NCAA Football. Here are the horsey mascots! By the way, if you click on the photo it will take you to more info about the mascot. Some of them have really great traditions behind them. Enjoy!

Virginia's Cavalier

OU's Boomer & Sooner

OSU's Spirit Rider and Bullet

Texas Tech's Red Raider

Rutger's Scarlet Knight

Southern Methodist's Peruna

UCF's Knight

Army's Mules

Western Michigan's Buster Bronco

Boise State's Buster Bronco

Wyoming's Cowboy Joe

USC's Traveler

Middle Tennessee's Lightning

Cal Poly's Musty

UC Davis' Gunrock

Murray State's Racer One

Going Back to School with Horses

In just a few short weeks, I will be starting the last fall semester of my college career. Thank God. Unfortunately this semester is full of upper level History, Anthropology, and Religion classes….which means I’ll be reading and writing papers pretty much non stop from the end of August to sometime in December.

I’ve already started formulating a plan so I can keep up with riding this fall and winter (I’m just dreaming about cooler weather right now). It’s going to be an exhausting semester and the horses are probably not going to be to happy with me.

Here’s what going back to school with horses means to me:

  • Long, Long Days:  I try to plan riding to the days where my classes get done early and not the day before exams! But, sometimes it’s still going to be a long day!
  • Working on basics: I know my rides are going to be sporadic so I try not to get too much into teaching something new to my ponies. Instead, I focus on basics as well as what I can do to improve myself (which is a lot!)
  • Stress & a Short Temper: School stresses me out, so does work…so do the horses sometimes. While I always feel better after a ride, during the school year I have to really remind myself not to lose my patience during a bad ride.
  • Beer, Books & Bareback: Sometimes, I just want to be around my horses but studying gets in the way. A few years ago I learned what a relaxing place the barn can be to read for class. I like to grab a cooler and throw a couple of beers in it, grab a book for class and just hop on one of the horses bareback and sit in the arena. It’s nice but it’s also really important to make sure your horse is feeling lazy too!
  • Early Saturday Morning Rides: Going back to school coincides with the start of football season, which means many saturday afternoons I have to be at home to watch a game. It also means I get to spend crisp fall mornings out at the barn. It’s a glorious time to ride.
  • Fall Horse Shows: some of the best horse shows take place from September through November. They are always something to look forward to.

These are just a few things I think about when fall rolls around and school starts back up. Being in school and having horses means something different to everybody though. In my case, I am lucky I live just a few minutes from the barn even during the school year. For others they have to leave their horses behind for school or pay even more to bring them with. I also can’t compare the fun or stress of being on an equestrian team. Since I’ve attended school only full-time a few semesters I was never qualified to join, plus my school doesn’t have an active team!

Let me know how you plan to keep up, get involved, or just stay connected with your horse life this school year! I would love to share your stories and survival tips! Comment below, or email me at littlem267@yahoo.com

a Lovely Way to Study!


Collegiate Polo Wraps

Everybody likes to wear their college team allegiance, so why shouldn’t your horse too? Yesterday I caught a glimpse of a Facebook post by the author of The Barrel Racing Blog, a photo of NFL themed polo wraps. That immediately got me thinking, ” I need to make Husker polo wraps.” So, I searched the internet and found two great resources for “collegiate fleece fabric”:

Polo wraps are really easy to make. All you need is the fleece, a sewing machine (even a small travel one will work), scissors, and some heavy velcro. Make sure the velcro is sew on without a sticky back since it will gum up sewing machines.

Measurements for your wrap should be 9 feet long by 4.5 to 5 inches wide. After you cut out the fabric (make sure you cut as straight and clean as possible) all you have to do is sew on the velcro (it should be about 3 inches wide). To get the right placement of the velcro, I always use an existing wrap and just match it up, then sew the velcro on!

Repeat 3 more times or just once, if you only want front wraps…and you’re done!

My directions probably aren’t the best but it’s a really easy project! It’s also a great way to show your school spirit! If you can’t find your school or don’t have school spirit, you can make some pretty great polo wraps out of the tons of different colors and patterns of fleece out there!

Heartland Showmanship | eBay

heartlandshowmanship | eBay.

Offering low starting prices (many $.99) Heartland Showmanship jackets are an inexpensive opportunity to buy a decent show jacket. This past fall I saw one of there jackets in the ring at Quarter Horse Congress. Leave the cuffs on or remove them yourself, if you prefer. They are simple, affordable, and can be easily customized with crystals!

NCAA Varsity Equestrian National Championships: LIVE!

Are you watching it? Today the NCAA Varsity Equestrian National Championships in Waco, Texas began. You can watch all the action through its live webcast (there are two arenas so be sure to click on the other one too!)

I love watching horse shows via webcast, and the Varsity Nationals are a great way to be reminded that the beginning of show season is here! Throughout the summer, be sure to check here for links to any of the webcasts of some of the nation’s top shows!

Midwest Horse Fair Starting Tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow and going through Sunday, the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin is another chance to get some shopping in before show season! I really wish I could go this weekend. I’ve missed every horse fair this year! It’s being held at the Alliant Energy Center. I hope everybody enjoys the fair and let me know if you find some good deals or see cool new products!

Midwest Horse Fair® — One of the top 3-day Horse Fairs in America – Madison, Wisconsin!.