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Chap Inserts, Supplements, and Missing Things

As promised, I’m updating on a few things currently happening.

I ordered and received a pair of Chap Inserts. So far, they seem pretty easy and aren’t noticeable. That being said, sometime during the winter while I cleaned the spare room and attempted chap making, I misplaced some important things.

  1. the conchos for the back of my chaps (I can’t find a single one out of 3!)
  2. The strap thing-a-ma-jig that buckles the front of my black chaps…I have no idea how this happened.

All, I know is there are random parts missing making it difficult for me to really try on my chaps. Not to mention, I still can’t really fit in my show pants. Ugh.

Beyond that missing stuff, I’m missing more stuff. I bought a bunch of crystals for my new red and black jacket and now cannot find 5 little bags of them. I think I’m going to have to order more, which I need to do anyway because I grossly miscalculated what I needed.

What else…?

The truck is still in need of help it looks like around $500.00 worth of help. Thanks to it I’ve said good-bye to spring training and my tax refund. Woo Hoo!

But! I have gotten a few things. I decided to Milo on joint supplements since he’s so old now (16)! I’m just a worrier and he does need it. I’m trying out Majesty Flex Wafers. They’re treats with supplements in them! I liked the idea because I can control and know he’s getting the supplements and because he really loves treats! They’re not too badly priced considering the no-waste method. You can get them on sale here at amazon right now.

I also bought a DM Lifter Bit. I’ve been curious about these for a long time but never got around to buying one or trying it out. They’re kinda pricey at $100 but I was really, really interested! So far, Tango doesn’t really seem to care for it one way or another…it’s just another bit to her. Milo seemed really relaxed in it though. I guess I’ll wait and see.