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Summer Goals & Getting in Shape

I am terrible about exercise and eating right. I hate running, or anything that seems like exercise. I get really bored, really fast. As far as eating goes…if it’s any food other than mushrooms or peas, I will probably eat it; from leafy spinach and Brussels sprouts to potato chips and doughnuts. This makes getting in shape and eating healthy a real challenge. I’ve managed to not gain any weight in the last couple of years but I haven’t lost any either. My show clothes are still too tight and going out of style.

Big goals, like I want to be a certain weight or I’m going to ride an hour every single day, just don’t work for me. When I screw up, I give up. I need goals that are fun. This summer getting in shape is a priority (as I always say…) but so are few things that will be fun to work towards. 1. Being able to jump on Tango bareback. I used to be able to do this with Milo who is a quite a bit taller. I tried it with Tango the other day and only made it half way up before I felt like I had pulled every muscle in my legs. Ouch.

So I need to work on my legs, which I should being doing anyway to improve my riding skills. I’m lazy. Running isn’t going to happen on regular basis. Riding helps, but some days I can’t get to the barn. Thanks to Pinterest though, I’ve found a couple of sets of leg workout that feel good, actually work, and I don’t mind doing every day. I even do them twice a day on occasion. The stretching that goes into the exercises really feels good after sitting in the lab all day or after a tough ride. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’ve just started looking into the “Blogilaties” channel on Youtube, after discovering it for the first time literally 4 minutes ago. It looks helpful! I’ll have to examine it closer. Anyway, try the two sets I’ve listed for a couple of weeks. I’ve noticed a difference! Oh and I have other goals too…like riding more and showing. I’ll get to those later, though.


A Year in Review (an actual post!)

I have been on vacation…sort of. It was nice to step away from having to do any writing in general, after a long semester with a ton of papers. I am pretty happy to say my grades ended up as, A+, A, A & A-. Pretty damn good (especially given the nuttiness that this semester ended up being).

School starts again on the 9th and next week I’ll be back to work, except Monday, the Nebraska bowl game is on then. This will be my last semester of college! I am so excited about that and also pretty terrified about what comes after, mainly, how am I going to find a job, and how am I going to pay for horses and student loans?

2011 was not the best year on record for me, it was the first year since I can remember that I didn’t show at least one show, which has made me feel like a total fraud writing this blog. However, with the insane amount of money that went into the truck this year, Tango’s summer of not having a right lead, and changing barns…I think I can let it go. This year, I am determined to get into my show clothes and back in the arena.

Horses weren’t the only big changes this year, Todd and my closest Indy friends moved to Florida, my best friend returned from living Japan, Grandma Pete passed on, a best friend got married, my sister announced there will be a new addition to the family, and Todd accepted a job as a freight conductor  with CSX. Lots of changes!

Tonight, Todd and I will bring in the new year with friends at one of our favorite downtown bars. I cannot wait to begin 2012. This year, I will get to be an aunt, a college graduate, and returning to the show ring!

I have so many plans and ideas that I want to pursue, I have no idea how half of them will be accomplished. My first big ‘thing’ will be getting in shape so I can fit into my awesome show clothes (a goal I have not met in the last year!) This year though, I am approaching it with a new outlook…I won’t be getting in shape so I can do more with the horses, I will be focusing on getting in shape by incorporating my horses into  and whatnot!

I want to thank every one who has supported this blog and made it much, much more successful than last year, I hope to expand it more and improve even more this year. I hope all of you have a safe and joyful new year.

A Merry Christmas from the Horses! (Tango, Milo, and Ozzy)