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Trailer Troubles

While I sit through one of my last classes of the semester, I thought I’d share something I’m very excited about…trailer repairs! I can’t believe family’s horse trailer is 12 years old!!! It doesn’t look that old…or wait, maybe it does. Annoyed by the peeling fender guards, hanging trim lock, and a variety of other parts showing their age or just broken in general, I got to thinking about how much it would cost to get to a dealership and fix. Then in true thrifty fashion, I decided to start checking around to see what parts I could purchase to do the repairs myself. I found The Horse Trailer Accessory Store. They have almost everything to repair your trailer. The best part is that it’s way less expensive to purchase many parts from this store than through a dealership. My total for all the supplies I will need to fix up my trailer is under $50.00!!! As soon as I get everything repaired (and the trailer gets a good washing) I will post before and after pictures!