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I’m terrible about not only taking photos but getting photos posted too. You’re in luck today though! Here a few updates on previous posts. Not too long ago I wrote a post about Long Manes and my trials with Tango’s. Well, I’d been doing a well-conditioned running braid  for a while but I have recently abandoned it. For whatever reason no matter if it’s a tight or loose braid, it doesn’t end well. She gets it loose and loses a bunch in just a day or two. So, I think I’m going to end up sticking to what made her mane long in the first place, good ole conditioning and leaving it be. (I’ll try this for a bit anyway until I get bored and think I have to do something with it.)

Another photo update I have for you involves my horse show kit. I think I was a bit too ambitious with the idea and quite frankly didn’t really offer anything unique. Well, in my quest to find something cool and pretty to put the kits into I discovered there aren’t really any non-tacky, inexpensive, horsey carrying bags. As, somebody who thinks they can sew, I immediately came up with the idea of horse themed cosmetic bags. Here’s a picture of the constructed but not sewn first attempt. It turned out well and can be customized with hand-embroidery. I’ll be filling them up with some essential horse show items too! What do you think? I’ve already completed this one and have been using it myself. I love it!


Long Manes…

Tango’s mane has been growing long and beautiful the last couple of years and for the most part I’ve just let it do its thing. But recently I’ve noticed lots of tangles and knots, so I’ve started putting it up. I had no idea how much work a long, lovely mane could be. For a while I was just putting in a bunch of loose braids after it had been combed and conditioned. This worked OK until this weekend when I noticed that one of the braids must have caught on something and tore. I was kind of upset by this.

So…I went back to the hand-cramping but oh so pretty running braid. I like the running braid but it doesn’t hold up well. Am I doing it right? Do I have to do it every day? I usually let it go, up to two days, before redoing it.

Any body out there with long manes that have any tips or tricks you do to keep a long mane beautiful?