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2012 Equine Affaire: Ohio

About this time of year, I start getting really excited for horse shows, and expos to start picking up again! And, of course, my favorite way to start the show season is by buying things I probably don’t really need at Equine Affaire! The dates this year are April 12-15. Who else is going!? Here’s just a few tips before you go!

  • Go with a budget, so you aren’t tempted to overspend.
  • Do you research! Price the items (shipping included) online before you buy at a horse expo. There are some great deals but a lot of overpriced junk too!
  • Bring flyers and ads to post if you’re selling a horse or horse items. If you have a craft you’re into show it off! You never know what kind of networking can be made with all there horse-people!



Keeping Warm for Less!: Fleece

I love my Columbia Fleece Jacket. I wear it everywhere, whether or not it smell like a horse. I got a good deal on it too, at an outlet mall! Fleece gets expensive, like everything else though. I really recommend shopping sales (Old Navy has some good ones) and outlet malls. If you’re shopping online…here are some good choices!

Here’s a good look at these choices plus a few of the pricier options out there! Don’t forget to look at sales and free shipping dates to save money! Sometimes you will see a crazy good price on an item because of limited sizes!

click this photo to see a larger (actually readable) version of it!

Keeping Warm Continued!

O.K. I’ve covered winter boots, winter jeans/breeches, now let’s take a look at a couple smaller things…hats, gloves, and scarves. There are a lot of winter riding gloves, hats, and scarves available from tack stores but to be honest, those are the kind of things that get lost, beat up and ruined first. I don’t want to spend much on them at all. Buying from places like Wal-mart, Target, and Old Navy can get you some warm things at low prices…plus if you lose them a store is always near by.

I also love Forever 21 for their huge variety of winter accessories at low prices! I currently don’t wear a scarf to the barn and my hat of choice is a bright blue and yellow “Zep” hat that’s older than I am (I still love it though). My gloves are from Forever 21 and I love them! They are just simple cotton gloves with another set of fingerless cotton gloves to go over them. Extra warmth when you need it, and more finger freedom too! Plus they only cost $2.50, check them out here!

Coming soon…inexpensive barn coat alternatives & thermals…and a whole ensemble (could be a great set of Christmas presents!)

Look for Less: Scarves

I don’t usually wear a scarf when I ride, but you know, sometimes it’s cold out and some extra warmth would be nice. Not long ago, I was looking for winter riding clothes and found a really nice scarf made by Goode Rider. It’s a nice, wool blend scarf with ruffles but it runs for about $70.00. Wow. Who has that kind of money to spend on a scarf? I found a similar style at Forever 21 for just $10.80. It’s not wool but it should add warmth and style (if that’s what you’re after). It also comes in three color choices. Since I don’t know many people who ride in scarves, this is more of style idea, but if that’s what you’re going for in the barn or winter horse events, then here’s some savings for you!

Heartland Showmanship Jacket | eBay

Heartland Rail Western Pleasure Showmanship Halter Reining Jacket Shirt Large | eBay.

I just received a really nice comment from Heartland Show Apparel. So, I thought I’d put up one of their great shirts listed on eBay right now! I love the pattern in this jacket! The color combination reminds me of a lot of the ‘tribal’ patterns and colors that are hot right now in regular fashion.

2011 Quarter Horse Congress!

Tomorrow kicks off the 2011 Quarter Horse Congress, in Columbus Ohio. It’s the world’s largest breed show and one of my favorite events of the year! (of course I don’t have any AQHA’s, I prefer my horses with more color!) Anyway, the show runs from the 7th to the 30th and a complete schedule of classes and events can be found here. It’s a great place to shop! BUT don’t forget to do your homework and come with a list so you don’t end up overspending! Great deals can be found but so can some ridiculous mark-ups! Here’s a list of vendors who will be present. I like to look though it and decide which shops I want to visit most, and I also check out their websites to get an idea of prices and deals!

Anybody going to show? If so, what classes?

What are your tips for getting bargains at Congress?

Favorite classes to watch?

Are you going this year?

Sunday Steal: TuffRider Cotton Sheet

So, if your horse needs a blanket liner or maybe just a little extra warmth on the chilly fall days, try this cotton sheet! Listed on HorseLovers.com and Amazon (It’s sold though Horseloverz on Amazon)…the Amazon choice is actually a couple of dollars cheaper, even though you’re technically buying from the same store. The TuffRider Stretch Cotton Horse Sheet is only $15.00! But, sadly, that is before shipping. Add another $7.50 for that. Ultimately though, you will still be getting the best price for a cotton sheet!