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2012 Equine Affaire: Ohio

About this time of year, I start getting really excited for horse shows, and expos to start picking up again! And, of course, my favorite way to start the show season is by buying things I probably don’t really need at Equine Affaire! The dates this year are April 12-15. Who else is going!? Here’s just a few tips before you go!

  • Go with a budget, so you aren’t tempted to overspend.
  • Do you research! Price the items (shipping included) online before you buy at a horse expo. There are some great deals but a lot of overpriced junk too!
  • Bring flyers and ads to post if you’re selling a horse or horse items. If you have a craft you’re into show it off! You never know what kind of networking can be made with all there horse-people!


Keeping Warm for Less!: Fleece

I love my Columbia Fleece Jacket. I wear it everywhere, whether or not it smell like a horse. I got a good deal on it too, at an outlet mall! Fleece gets expensive, like everything else though. I really recommend shopping sales (Old Navy has some good ones) and outlet malls. If you’re shopping online…here are some good choices!

Here’s a good look at these choices plus a few of the pricier options out there! Don’t forget to look at sales and free shipping dates to save money! Sometimes you will see a crazy good price on an item because of limited sizes!

click this photo to see a larger (actually readable) version of it!