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Pinterest Addiction

OK, I must say I am addicted to Pinterest. The site is like an online bulletin board. How great is that? The reason I am posting about it is not just because of my new-found love for the site but also because I plan to use it for this blog. It will most likely become a spot for me pin products and ideas that I plan on writing about (and also current horsey obsessions)! I recently added a link to my Pinterest profile. Please feel free to follow it and get a sneak peek at future blog ideas and plenty of horse-related awesomeness! I also want encourage you to pin future and past posts! I am still trying to figure out a ‘pin it’ button to use for each post but it’s kind of a pain in the butt right now, and I am also supposed to be focusing my attention a term paper over Teddy Roosevelt, which is due tomorrow.

Anyway, enjoy my current pins, this blog, and your holiday week!