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*Two Creeks* Showmanship Jacket | eBay

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

I like the warm colors, another lovely jacket by Two Creeks on eBay!


A New Year…Another Attempt to Fit into My Show Clothes

Instead of getting in shape last year, I bought chap inserts. I still don’t fit into any of my show clothes. Yuck. So, this year (again) I’d like to lose around 15 lbs. This year though, I’m going to find ways to incorporate my horses into it more. How? um…posting a lot without stirrups? running laps in the sandy arena? only eating carrots and applesauce?

So far, I’ve given myself some help by purchasing two books, The Total Rider and The Rider’s Fitness Program. I was able to purchase both books for around $20.00 together, though I had to order them because it’s really hard to find horse books in stores!

Both books feature a wide variety of exercises that are specifically helpful to horseman. The Total Rider also tackles rider diet too. My plan is to combine these exercises, cardio (probably  running, yuck), and riding a lot! I will also be trying to eat a lot better! I think the most difficult task will be finding the time during this semester, which is my last and most likely my most intense semester yet.

There are so many different diets and exercise plans out there it gets overwhelming, that’s why it was important for me to find one targeting horseman. I need a focus, something¬† I didn’t really have last year. Maybe, if I’m brave enough, I’ll share details and progress as I go!

I may also purchase a Pilates for horseman book at some point too, but for now, just the two!

Heartland Showmanship Jacket | eBay

Heartland Rail Western Pleasure Showmanship Halter Reining Jacket Shirt Large | eBay.

I just received a really nice comment from Heartland Show Apparel. So, I thought I’d put up one of their great shirts listed on eBay right now! I love the pattern in this jacket! The color combination reminds me of a lot of the ‘tribal’ patterns and colors that are hot right now in regular fashion.

*Two Creeks* Showmanship Jacket | eBay


*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

very lovely. Bidding starts at $100.00, as always.

Showmanship: the Look For Less

OK, another “look for less” post. I was recently looking at some of the beautiful jackets made by Lisa Nelle, when I discovered one of her jackets looked really familiar. I suddenly remembered I had seen a similar jacket not too long ago. What struck me was the difference in price! Both were found on eBay but one for a lot less money. While you are giving up a well-known name and a lot of sparkle. These jackets are made out of the same material!Just goes to show, once again, if you do some looking around, are willing to be patient, and focus on colors and cut, you can find some great deals!

*Two Creeks* Showmanship Jacket | eBay

*Two Creeks* Showmanship/Horsemanship/Jacket/Shirt | eBay.

I love turquoise and have been wearing it since I was a lead-liner! Does this mean I need to get this jacket? Great Buy. I love the pattern!

Spending Money Where it Counts…

I thought I would do a little price comparison just for fun. It’s a “look for less” post, show clothing edition! I was just looking through the jackets on the Carolina Beverly Hills website and saw a jacket that had the same look as one I had just seen on eBay. The one costs $2900 and the other is up to $150 right now. That’s a huge difference in price! What you’re buying with the boutique jacket is a lot of extra glitz and maybe a better fabric. The eBay jacket is made by a well-respected seamstress but has a lot less glitz to it. Your best bet? If you’re trying to save money, live on a budget, or just don’t want to invest thousands on a jacket…go for the eBay version! Add your own crystals if extra sparkle is a must. Overall, you’re going to get the same look without spending the cash!

Day dreaming about the expensive clothes while finding similar cuts, colors, and patterns in less expensive ones is my favorite way to shop!