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FITS Jumpline Ladies Beka Breeches at Equestrian Collections


Right now Equestrian Collections is offering¬† FITS Beka Breeches with a free FITS tan top (worth $30). The breeches cost $139.00 but offer some really awesome features. The lower leg portion is made of powermesh eliminating bulk and seams under your boots and adding a lot of comfort. The breeches also feature an ‘ab panel’ to keep you looking nice and slim (does anybody but twigs¬† look nice and slim in breeches?) Check them out while the offer lasts!

About My Favorite Show Pants…Again

So, I’ve written a couple of posts about Mesquite show pants already, but I’m pretty sure, I’ve never given some resources on where to find these pants! Well, sometimes they are tricky to find, but here is a list of places you can order them online!