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FITS Jumpline Ladies Beka Breeches at Equestrian Collections


Right now Equestrian Collections is offering  FITS Beka Breeches with a free FITS tan top (worth $30). The breeches cost $139.00 but offer some really awesome features. The lower leg portion is made of powermesh eliminating bulk and seams under your boots and adding a lot of comfort. The breeches also feature an ‘ab panel’ to keep you looking nice and slim (does anybody but twigs  look nice and slim in breeches?) Check them out while the offer lasts!


About My Favorite Show Pants…Again

So, I’ve written a couple of posts about Mesquite show pants already, but I’m pretty sure, I’ve never given some resources on where to find these pants! Well, sometimes they are tricky to find, but here is a list of places you can order them online!

Hobby Horse Elements? A Money Saver Not on the Website

Unless, it’s hidden in plain sight and I’ve just somehow missed it, Hobby Horse offers more DIY show clothes than just pants and chaps. They have for a while now offered their chap and pant fabric on their website for those with sewing talent.

Today, though, I received the 2011 Hobby Horse catalogue and was excited to see they offer the “Janie Tunic Top” in all the same base colors as the chaps. It’s a plain tunic top made just for you to customize! I gave up long ago on sewing my own and have been searching for a plain pre-made top. Well, here it is. They cost $99.oo and so far, I’ve only seen them in the catalogue (request one here).

View Online Catalogue

Snap shot from 2011 Hobby Horse catalogue


2011 Hobby Horse Collection Now Available

This month Hobby Horse has released their 2011 collection. There are a lot of great pieces but the best has to be the new color offered for pants and chaps. Turqua. It’s not quite teal but not quite turquoise. As a huge fan of turquoise since I was a lead-liner, this new color is quite exciting to me. I already have a pair of teal chaps but I may need to get a pair of these too!

Preparing Show Clothes!

The other day, I sorted through a pile of show clothes deciding what I needed for this year and which outfits I want to wear. I know I will need to buy a few new pieces and I am really looking forward to it! But knowing buying show clothes can be daunting, I came up with a game plan. I recommend taking the time to go through what you have, and what you need the most before attempting the huge task of finding the right clothes. Here are some tips to get you started filling in your wardrobe or if you are just starting out and on a budget!

  • Consider what level you will be showing at (there’s no need to spend the money on world class outfits to show at the local level)
  • Do some research on how to measure for important things like, hats, jackets, chaps, show pants, and field boots. with the help of a friend measure yourself and record the measurements on a piece of paper you can carry with you to horse fairs, tack shops, and to set beside you while using the internet!
  • Instead of purchasing a number of basic necessities in various colors, choose just one color such as black, chocolate, or tan for a hat, chaps, and show pants. This will allow you to invest a little extra money into quality rather than quantity. A quality hat and chaps are important because they are items that you will be able to use for years.
  • Stick to a solid color saddle blanket. It’s cheaper and can be used with many shirts.
  • Picking your tops will be easy! eBay has a number of very reasonable show shirts that can be used for western classes.
  • If you want to spend a bit of extra money on something nice and/or sparkly, I recommend looking for an all-day jacket. It’s a piece that is suitable for both halter classes as well as riding classes!
  • When looking for English attire stick to what is basic and classic. A black or navy hunt coat (well tailored!), a white hunt shirt, and tan breeches. Most of these items can be found at a number of price levels.
  • Field boots and hunt caps can be tricky but can be found used for a better price. If you’re looking for field boots remember boot black and a good leather conditioning can go a long way to help sprucing a boot up. Just be careful not to show in rubber boots or boots where the calf is way, way too big (it looks sloppy). The hunt cap should fit well and the velvet should not be discolored or saggy (as they get that way when they’re old).
  • Remember that most things like shirts and jackets can be tailored inexpensively for a more custom look and crystals can be added to show shirts!

One last tip, don’t feel pressured to have to buy something at a horse fair or tack shop. Sometimes the ‘sales’ really aren’t that great. Do try a lot of things on and check out quality so if you purchase things online, you have a better idea of fit and what to expect. Also, don’t be afraid to check out some non-horsey stores for jackets and shirts. I have a shomanship jacket I bought at Marshall’s for $15.00…added a few crystals and ta-da showmanship jacket! Good Luck!

Show Pants

While, I take my time shopping around for just the right fabric, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss show pants. It’s great having a lovely jacket but if you don’t have pants, well, you’re going to run into some serious issues! I hate shopping for pants in general. I can never find any that fit just right. I have never, not once, been able to fit properly into hobby horse show pants. They’re always too tight on the waist and too big everywhere else. I also don’t appreciate the side zipper. The pants are just awkward for me. Other show pants like those made by the 1849 brand are made out of strange material as well as not fitting me properly. I have even had pants made custom. They were awesome, cost about $100.00, and made me cry when I gained just enough weight not to be able to zip them.

Despite all this, there is one brand of show pants that have never let me down. I’ve been wearing Mesquite show pants since I was a lead-liner. Sure I’ve strayed a few times in attempt to see what else is out there, but I always come back to them. They come in three different colors, black, chocolate, and sand. They also come un-hemmed so you can find the perfect length no matter what size you are. I’m very tempted to see if the sand pants are light enough to be dyed a different color…you may see a post concerning this some time this summer.  Below the picture is the description the pants come with on sites that sell them. I forgot to mention the best part! These showpants only run between $35.00-$45.oo and last forever!


  • Straight Belt Loops to accommodate Fancy Belts
  • Sewn Down front pockets for a flattering fit
  • Saddle Back with no pockets for a clean look
  • Colors: Black & Sand
  • Girls Sizes: 2 – 20
  • Ladies Sizes: 21 – 44