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I’m terrible about not only taking photos but getting photos posted too. You’re in luck today though! Here a few updates on previous posts. Not too long ago I wrote a post about Long Manes and my trials with Tango’s. Well, I’d been doing a well-conditioned running braid¬† for a while but I have recently abandoned it. For whatever reason no matter if it’s a tight or loose braid, it doesn’t end well. She gets it loose and loses a bunch in just a day or two. So, I think I’m going to end up sticking to what made her mane long in the first place, good ole conditioning and leaving it be. (I’ll try this for a bit anyway until I get bored and think I have to do something with it.)

Another photo update I have for you involves my horse show kit. I think I was a bit too ambitious with the idea and quite frankly didn’t really offer anything unique. Well, in my quest to find something cool and pretty to put the kits into I discovered there aren’t really any non-tacky, inexpensive, horsey carrying bags. As, somebody who thinks they can sew, I immediately came up with the idea of horse themed cosmetic bags. Here’s a picture of the constructed but not sewn first attempt. It turned out well and can be customized with hand-embroidery. I’ll be filling them up with some essential horse show items too! What do you think? I’ve already completed this one and have been using it myself. I love it!


Finishing Touches: Accessories & Makeup for the Show Pen

I see a lot of different styles when it comes to the personal touches beyond show clothes. Some girls where no makeup while others really cake it on, no jewelry, some jewelry, neutral nails and the totally manicured. So, what of it? When I was growing up, I was told to not wear nail polish and that my nails were to be neat and clean or wear gloves. I don’t really stand by that now. I do however stand by, that if you’re not going to wear gloves your nails should be neat, neutral or at least complement your outfit.¬†

I recommend using O.P.I. nail polish for showing, it’s durable and comes in a huge variety of neutral colors (making it easy to find one you like!) The only draw back is the price! You can find a lot of other neutral nail colors for less at your local drugstore, I also really like Forever 21‘s selection of neutral polishes.

As far as makeup goes, I don’t wear a lot on a day-to-day basis so when I want to glam up for a horse show I don’t always have the makeup I need, but I also don’t want to spend a lot on it. I love E.L.F. products. They range in price from $1 to $5 with everything you need! Their products are especially great if you don’t wear makeup normally but want to for shows. My number one tip for horse show makeup: Don’t over do it. You want to enhance your features not look like a clown. Evening makeup is what you’re going for and to compliment your overall appearance.

Finally, my favorite, jewelry! This can get pricey quick but it’s a great way to add sparkle to your look without buying expensive jackets dripping with crystal or taking the time to add your own. Pretty much anything goes for this, but remember to not over do it and to not wear any dangling earrings. I like Forever 21 for earrings because they have a lot of great ones for under $4 (even sets!) Since they aren’t made of precious metal and stones, if you lose one (which happens a lot while showing) it’s not a huge loss. You can also find a lot of pretty costume jewelry at antique stores.

Just remember the goal with accessories is not to distract or draw attention to things like active hands (with a lot of rings and bright nail polish) or a bouncy, oddly moving horse with dangling earrings and necklaces flopping around (uncomfortable any way!). You want to enhance your overall finished, polished appearance! Be sure to still have fun with it and add your own uniqueness!