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Customize a Hobby Horse Jacket

Hobby Horse has been offering fairly affordable, trendy show clothes for years. They are a great option but can sometimes seem a bit common and, for really um…”thrifty” people like me, still too costly for what you get. Not to mention I almost always have trouble fitting properly into their clothes. I still love this company though and here’s why; they have great sales. Each year, Hobby Horse offers their Broken Heart Sale. It offers up the season’s clothes at great prices in order to make room for next year’s inventory. In my undying quest to find a cheaper way to get a custom look, I’ve turned back to Hobby Horse. After my failed attempt at  making a simple black jacket from scratch, I came across the SwitchIt Jacket. It’s a simple  jacket with some sparkle and a nice cut. The best part, it’s on sale for $59.00 and comes in two base color options. You can purchase the cuffs and collars, choose to make your own, or leave it just as it is. Perfect! 

I love it because it saves me a lot of time and effort on trying to make the black base for a custom jacket plus the seams allow for some custom tailoring. One other great thing, with as simple as the jacket is, it would be easy to buy or make appliques to add and give it a more custom look. I plan on adding simple ultrasuede circles to the bottom edge of mine, an idea I got from a jacket I saw at QH Congress.