The Author


My name is Traci Miller and I’m 25 years old and still working on my BA in History! I don’t want to mention how long I’ve been in school but it’s  been quite a while. Because I made the ridiculous decision to keep showing and buy a second horse, after high school, I’ve had to work while in school…dragging out the whole process! I’ve learned a lot, especially about doing things on a minimal budget! I started this blog in hopes of connecting, sharing, informing other college-student and/or twenty-somethings working their butts off to afford their passion!

I was 5 years old at my first horse show as a lead-liner and have been showing Paint and Pintos ever since! My time with horses has given me the opportunity to represent my state charters as  the youth advisor, board member, webmaster, newsletter editor, and general exhibitor.

I work in the Electron Microscopy Center at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis  as a lab tech while mixing in some classes…when I’m not working, learning (ha), or riding…I enjoy football, bars, relaxing in my lawn chair, and a billion other random things!


When I look over, this is typically what I see; my boyfriend and official sponsor of me going anywhere and doing anything fun outside of horses! He also pushes me to follow my dreams even when I feel like giving up. I am a lucky girl…he’s even offered to clean stalls and go to shows to be my cook!


My dog. a 7 year old Blue Heeler who is no doubt, a nut case. She’s also my best pal and cause of a lot grief. You’ll hear about her a lot.

2 responses to “The Author

  1. Um…I don’t see Chance in your pics of horses…I feel that she deserves a spot.

  2. Ok. I’ll give her one!

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